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Smart Future voice service is a Voice over IP (VoIP) service that allows you to make and receive voice calls via your internet connection. With Smart Future VoIP you will receive a free telephone number from which you can make and receive calls. Our call tariffs are very competitive.

Make and receive calls from anywhere as long as you have a VoIP capable internet connection. Calls can be made using any smart phone.

Calls made from any Smart Future VoIP number to any other Smart Future VoIP number are absolutely FREE! This makes the Smart Future VoIP service an incredible cost saving tool for all local businesses and individuals.

Special Benefits

Special Benefits


Soft switch
No license costs
Cost effective technology
IP-based infrastructure


Minimal on-site equipment
Remote support
Full back-up


Compatible with IAX andd SIP
High quality telephones
Wide range of features
Power over Ethernet (POE)

About Our IP PBX

About Our IP PBX

An IP PBX is a switchboard or Private Branch Exchange which uses Internet Protocol. It is a server which uses your Internet Connection to route all your incoming and outgoing calls. Your customers can get hold of the right person immediately. Routing can be based on any means you choose: Time, skills or hunting.

You can either use your existing Internet Connection, or we can assist you in setting up a Fibre or Wireless Solution at your premises. Additional features of the PBX can be installed remotely with the click of a button. This means no costly call out fees when you want to make changes on your PBX

A system allows callers to be automated transferred to a user’s extension without the intervention of a receptionist

Ability to transfer a call  to another extension without the need to wait for  the other person to pick up.

A log of all calls made including: source no, destination no, call duration, date, time etc.

Call are automatically forwarded to another extension or phone if the phone is busy.

Calls are automated forwarded to another extension or phone if not answered after a different number of rings.

Allows a supervisor to listen in on a phone conversation.

Allows multiple calls to be placed in a queue and answered by the next available operation.

Record of  a phone conversation for later playback.

Allows a supervision to listen in on active calls across a group  of phones.

Transfer a call to another extension.

Allows changing between two simultaneous.

Displays the callers phone number on the phone screen.

See the phone number of a second caller whilst talking to the first caller.

Recording of a phone conversation for later playback.

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